photo by Fedno Lubin

  This was the final exhibition of the Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto 2013. People from ACFFC and Gallery Fosaj and kids from Kole Zepole and their families attended. I feel good because I see a lot of people together in one spot. Also, I invited my aunt, too. She was very proud of my […]

Photo by Djimmy Desulme

My name is Djimmy Desulme and I live in Cite Soleil. I am 19 years old. This is my third time in Jacmel and I’ve seen many differences between this city and Port au Prince. In Cite Soliel if you have 50 Gourdes you can find something to eat. Cite Soleil is poor. It’s dangerous […]

Photo Fedno Lubin

Photo Fedno Lubin Photo Fedno Lubin Dimanche 28 Juillet 2013, un groupe de  manifestants ont accaparé les rues de Jacmel pour  protester contre  l’homosexualité. Sunday July 28, 2013, a group of protesters occupied a main street in Jacmel to protest against homosexuality.

Photo Fedno Lubin

Le photographe jacmelien M. Denis est venu expliquer son travail aux élèves de l’ACFFC dans le cadre du kan foto Jouk Li Jou organisé chaque année par l’association Zanmi Lakay.


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